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My Literacy Glasses

Our eTwinning Project

Hi there. We are here with our eTwinning Project . A few months ago, we started to create it. And now we are ready .We will do a wonderful job with the participation of schools from Turkey,Crotia,Romania,Spain,Northern Macedonia and Ireland. We are sure that Our hard work, in-depth research, creativity and collaborative work will result in a great project. We are really proud of it! Please , take a look.

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Let a brand new project begin

This project aims at providing media literacy to the students and raising awareness about what disinformation is, as well as researching the effect of the use of digital tools in teaching on the development of digital competence. By integrating the current digital world into classical education, to make the development better in education and to enable students to develop their digital skills. Students have the opportunity to study the history of the digital world. They see what it is to be Generation Z, what it brings, what 21st-century skills are.


We had an online meeting to get to know each other  and talked about the details.

Outdoor Study Group

Our members

Seçil Uçum, Zeynep Öz,Nada Ratkovic,Günnur Sönmezler, Luiza Crivat,Angelina Cvetanoska, Amanda Hernandez Martinez,Conchi Espejo, Davorka Demo,Roman Samaniego, Ronan O’Sullivan